Installation Instructions, Guides & Drawings

As part of our long-term lock maintenance program, KFS recommends educating our technitians, ensuring that each person arriving at a retailer location is up-to-date and compliant. We are continuously updating information on various locks for both installtion and removal along with essential other information needed to service retailers.
  • CLK3 Glass Installation with CLJK25PN Bracket - Open PDF
  • CLK3 Glass Installation with 2 Piece L-Bracket - Open PDF
  • CLK304102PNY W(ood) - Open PDF
  • CLK3051203PNY Metal Installation - Open PDF
  • Operating Key & Change Tool Instructions - Open PDF
  • PLK250S3PNY Installation - Open PDF
  • Ratchet Lock Glue on Bar Instructions - Open PDF
  • Walmart Gun Case Bracket Installation - Open PDF
  • Cam Lock Removal Instructions - Open PDF
  • Drawer Lock Insertion Instructions - Open PDF
  • Drawer Lock Removal Instructions - Open PDF