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Expanding, Educating and Cultivating a network of locksmiths across the country

Growing Our Network

  • KFS has spent the last 3 years building relationships with locksmiths all over the country in order to better serve our customer’s needs.

Our Product

  • Our parent company; Kenstan is proud to be the primary supplier for all our locking needs, featuring our proprietary Keymatic and next gen K2 locks.
  • Keymatic and K2 locks feature simplistic re-keyable functionality by using a specialized key called a “Change tool.”
  • With a change tool, a lock can be “re-keyed,” up to 8 times and can easily be done on the store level.
  • All locks are assembled by hand at our factory located in Plainview, NY.

Store Specific Keying

  • All locks can be custom built for specific purposes right down to each department of each franchise having its own designated keycode.
  • Keymatic and K2 locks are assigned restricted keyways, which do not repeat in stores for a ~200 mile radius to ensure if keys are ever stolen, no other stores can be put at risk.
  • When stores follow proper procedure, we are able to overnight a change tool and keys directly to the store to protect merchandise and ensure the stores do not lose out on sales or the costly price of swapping out an entire department worth of locks.

Our Team

  • Our team is dedicated to get the stores the absolute best they can get.
    • Jeremy Orlando - Managing Director of Retail Services
    • Kelly Altidor - Assistant Manager of Retail Services
    • Garth Robinson  - Retail Service Coordinator
    • Cain Culbreth - Retail Service Coordinator

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